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Asbestos Removal

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The handling of asbestos needs to be carried out with great effort and persistence. The toxic properties present in the asbestos are known as carcinogen and it detrimental to your home. When asbestos is in good condition, it does not necessarily impose hazard. However, at a more severe condition, the damage and wearing out increases and poses a high amount of risk to the health and safety of humans. The fibers may ether wear off in fragments and become airborne particles.

Asbestos Testing

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Approximately one-third of all the Australian homes contain asbestos products. Asbestos was mined in Australia until late 1984. Records also show that approximately 1.5 million tonnes of all forms of asbestos were imported from Australia. Since December 2003, there has been a ban on asbestos and all asbestos related materials in Australia. The ban has been reflected on workplace health and safety laws in all jurisdictions.

Asbestos Disposal

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Many old houses and buildings contain asbestos insulation, flooring, ceiling tiles, shingles, siding and other items. Therefore, these spaces need to be managed with carefulness and caution when your place is being renovated or demolished. Especially if you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, be advised to never attempt to remove asbestos on your own. Hire a professional to remove asbestos because they know best when and how to encapsulate the materials and how dispose them.

Asbestos The Silent Killer

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Roof & Shed Replacement

full mask iconEver since most Australians became aware of the dangers of asbestos, a total ban on asbestos was imposed on it since 2003. And yet, approximately 650 Australians dies each year from asbestos related diseases. A large number of children are being diagnosed with Asbestos related diseases. The rate of asbestos removal depends on various factors, including:
1) Size and difficulty of the Job: For instance, the job of clearing a roof with a big pitch is more difficult and thus is charged more compared to a simple fence with easy access for removal.
2) Tips: Tipping costs start at $450 and go up from there depending upon quantities of asbestos that needs removal.
3) Size of Pieces: As a general measure, the larger, more bulky pieces are more difficult to be removed and thus cost more than removing smaller pieces.
4) Site Access: Jobs that include site access take much less time and resources and therefore reduce costs.
An easy job of asbestos removal can cost around $45 per square meter but it may cost up to $100 depending on size, transportation and tipping costs.

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We Are The Asbestos Specialists

home wash iconAsbestos is something that we do not take seriously until a serious condition makes our life difficult. Don’t wait for when it is too late. The highly toxic particles can affect a large number of building and floor materials. With a little bit of carefulness and caution you can get a hold of these harmful events before they severely impact your health. It is highly significant to test the presence of asbestos in your homes before installing any building repairs or improvement structures. By ignoring the signs of asbestos you are putting your life and the lives of your near ones at the risk of being harmed. Once inhaled, the asbestos fibers can cause mesothelioma is nothing to be taken lightly. So, get rid of the toxic asbestos today.

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Demolition & Excavation
Cost Effective Solution

protective boots iconAt offices, employees might find themselves facing asbestos materials while workplaces have laws obligating them to get rid of the asbestos which must be maintained at all times. The offices are reliable to make sure that the employees are steering clear of any potential asbestos cancer hazards. Moreover, the employees should not be expected to remove or handle the asbestos themselves. Just as done in homes, the offices also hire licensed asbestos professionals who are particularly trained to manage, abate, demolish and dispose the toxic asbestos materials.

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NSW Asbestos Removal

icon asbestos control remoteThe following are symptoms that you have been exposed to asbestos in the occasion of a natural disaster:

  • If your home is an old one, that is, if it was built sometime during the mid-eighties, then it is highly likely that the attic insulation, floor, ceiling tiles or piping insulation contains asbestos materials.
  • If you have been carrying out rescue operations at places where asbestos materials have been known to be present previously.
  • It is up to you to protect yourself against an asbestos exposure. If you live at a place where natural disasters are an everyday occurrence, then make sure to have a prepared emergency kit that holds a mask which covers most parts of your nose and mouth.
  • The mask will not only protect you against asbestos particles but also shield you from inhaling other harmful airborne chemicals and toxins.
  • Remember to include separate covers for each family member and even pets. Every one of you may be affected by the harmful toxins and need to maintain solid protection measures to stay safe.
  • In offices as well, try to have separate emergency kits and make sure they are sufficient for all the individual employees. Also, include bottles of water in the emergency kits. The water can be used to hydrate the victims and at the same time wet the asbestos products which makes them less likely to be airborne and thus reduces the life risk of the exposed victims.

In the emergency kit, try to accommodate the following items:

Gloves: Asbestos can travel with you from one place to another by clinging on your shoes, clothes and other items. Thus, wearing disposable items helps to provide necessary protection against such occurrences.

Garbage bags: Even though you will require licensed abatement professionals to remove the asbestos materials in full, there are some measures you can apply all on your own. First of all, you can wet the asbestos. So, do remember to have water bottles in handy. Since you will also need to wear protective gloves and other outerwear, make sure to place them carefully in garbage bags once you are out of the danger area and seal the bag properly. Do not forget to mark the bags to caution people against hazardous asbestos particles. Instead of disposing the bags just anywhere, dispose it off in a designated landfill. Before disposing the waste off, contact local authorities following a natural disaster or other destructive events.

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Proper Asbestos Public Notification

asbestos removal signStorms often end up causing immense damage to commercial buildings. So if these homes contain asbestos, they get exposed and the inhabitants are in direct contact with the toxic contents. At the wake of the natural disaster, the exposed victims are at risk of mesothelioma. Not only the people living in the natural disaster ridden houses, but the people who are attempting to provide the rescue aid in the catastrophic events are also affected by the exposure to asbestos particles. The airborne particles attack all the exposed victims, putting their health at risk. This is why, it is extremely crucial to handle post natural disaster conditions with caution by providing protection against potential asbestos exposure after events like hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, floods and other emergency situations.


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“Very happy with Simple Asbestos Removal, I found them very competent, professional, honest and conscientious. They are very attentive to detail and also done his best to follow the strict compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and guidelines.”
– Rebecca Davies – Melbourne

“Good job by all the boys at Pro Asbestos Removal. I have to say I was impressed by the determination to get the job finished even though it was in 35 degree heat. Being up in that roof was even hotter so a big thumbs up for the professionalism and dedication to sticking to your time frame. Thanks again.”
– Adrian DaKock – Melbourne

“We had the pleasure of using Pro Asbestos Removal for a property we purchased recently and were very satisfied with the service and professionalism. The property had an initial inspection and we were told it had traces of asbestos in the roof. After negotiating with the owner we decided to but the house and contract a company to replace the roof with new Colorbond steel. After getting a new quotes we decided to choose the team at Pro due to their knowledge and previous experience. I would highly recommend them to any home owners. Thank you!”
– Dwayne Ritchie – Melbourne

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